External truck washing – find out the elements of the process

Trucks have to make long journeys before they reach their destination of unloading. On the road, they have to deal with different road surfaces as well as varying weather conditions – all of which makes the journey more difficult, but also leaves dirt on the exterior of the vehicle. Below, we’ll give you some essential […]

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Cleaning and disinfecting tankers from within – everything you need to know

In the transport industry, special tankers, otherwise known as cisterns, are used for transporting food, waste and chemicals. The contents of a tanker can be liquids, gases or fluids. It is extremely important to systematically clean the inside of the tank from impurities. If residues from the previous cargo get into a new transport load, […]

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ELEKTROMOBILITA – TANK WASHS.R.O.(CZ.01.3.14/0.0/0.0/ 17_153/0011294) je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.

Projekt žadatele Tank Wash s.r.o. v rámci III. Výzvy programu podpory NUT zavádí do činnosti podniku inovativní technologii (TRL 9) čisté mobility

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