External truck washing – find out the elements of the process

Trucks have to make long journeys before they reach their destination of unloading. On the road, they have to deal with different road surfaces as well as varying weather conditions – all of which makes the journey more difficult, but also leaves dirt on the exterior of the vehicle. Below, we’ll give you some essential information on vehicle cleaning that will make your truck wash experience much easier.

Before reaching the unloading area or returning to the starting point, it is worth taking care of the cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of the truck. Washing such a large area on your own can be a challenge, especially as standard car washes are not designed for vehicles of this size. The best solution is to use the services offered by a truck wash.

Keep your vehicle clean

Rain, snow, the changing conditions on the road can quickly deposit dirt on the surface of the vehicle. We mentioned in a previous article how important it was to systematically clean tankers from the inside, but the external cleaning of a lorry is also of great importance. The way a truck presents itself can affect the reputation of the brand. Trucks are driven thousands of kilometres both nationally and internationally. Some of them have company logos on the car bodies, serving also as mobile advertising for the manufacturer, so it is worth taking care of their proper presentation.

Road conditions may change due to weather, but also as a result of the actions taken by others on the road. During very long journeys causing driver fatigue, it is extremely important to be very careful while driving. A regular washing of the vehicle proves to be very necessary in this case. Keeping windscreens and mirrors clean can easily improve driving safety. Only if they are clean and clear may they be helpful rather than harmful to the driver.

How does the truck washing process work?

A lorry driver stays in a vehicle for several hours, days or even months without being off the road. The transported goods have to be delivered on time, so numerous and long stops are not advantageous in this type of work.

Truck washing should be fast, efficient and the work must be done accurately. While using the services of a truck wash, it is useful to know the elements that should be cleaned and how the process takes place.

The most commonly used equipment includes: washing brushes, electric pumps, cleaning agents, waxing module and anti-freeze system.

Formalities before visiting the truck wash

Before visiting a truck wash, you should book an appointment in advance and read the terms and conditions. The whole service is a much longer process than for smaller vehicles and the failure to book the service may prevent or slow down the whole cleaning process.

Reservations are made by providing the office with vehicle details, such as registration and car specification. Remember to describe any non-standard or unusual truck parts fitted to the vehicle requiring cleaning while completing the form, so that the car wash staff can properly prepare for the service provided.

When you enter the premises, leave your vehicle in the designated area and go to the waiting area. Once the washing process is completed and the car wash staff allows you to go, you can safely leave the premises.

What does the truck wash price depend on?

Both the price and the time spent at the truck wash mainly depend on the type of dirt and the size of the vehicle. The particular characteristics of the products being transported can cause contamination both inside and outside the lorry. However, it is the external soiling on the surface of the vehicle that causes the most problems during cleaning, as it is difficult to predict and depends on the road conditions. The most common dirt includes road salt, pollen, leaves, mud, oil and tar stains.

The specification of the vehicle also affects the cleaning process. The material used to construct the truck may require different chemicals than the rest of the components. Steel, aluminium, rubber, plastic, or carbon fibre are cleaned in a different way.

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