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  • Inside cleaning of truck tanks
    • tanks
    • silos
    • refrigeration tracks
    • isotherms
    • outside cleaning of trucks
    • IBC containers 1000l
  • Specialist desinfection after foodstuffs and chemical


Bratislava OPEN 7-20 Rzeszów OPEN 24h Roudnice nad Labem OPEN 6-22


J&P Tank Wash s.r.o. Bratislava is located in close proximity to chemical plant SLOVNAFT a.s. in the Hydrostay complex.The facility has three cleaning stations. Cleaning station number 1 is suitable for chemical products tanks, station 2 is suitable for food products tanks and station 3 for dangerous substances (e.g. EX) tanks. Each of the cleaning stations is equipped with the most modern technology, steam, Kärcher pressure equipment with high pressure hose reels, while every cleaning station contains three of these for standard cleaning and one of these with one lid for tank containers and for cleaning after hard products as well. Parking is available in the complex as well as internet connection, shower, restrooms and a kitchenette for the drivers. A CCTV system secures the whole facility.


Price list

CHEM Price from
Silos - cement, lime, granules 90 EUR
Glycol 110 EUR
Acids 110 EUR
Solvents 110 EUR
Rare oils 130 EUR
Formaldehyde, ammonium water, phenol-formaldehyde resin 160 EUR
Colorless glue 160 EUR
Engine oils, keraflux 190 EUR
6 class-phenol, tatrafol 200 EUR
White glue, emulsions, paints 220 EUR
Latex, akronal 230 EUR
Polyol 200 EUR
Texapon, spolapon 265 EUR
Resin 1866 240 EUR
Dense-lubrizol oils, tudalen, flawex, infineum, quantilus, tall 330 EUR
FOOD Price from
Silos - sugar, flour, wheat, etc. 90 EUR
Juices, wine, milk, cream 120 EUR
Glucose 110 EUR
Vegetable oils 130 EUR
Fruit marc 140 EUR
Oil-consumed oils, fedacid 180 EUR
Chocolate 190 EUR
Cocoa pulp 190 EUR
Additional services Price from
Acidizing 60 EUR
Brushing, scraping the tank for an hour of work 60 EUR
Product heating per hour of heating 45 EUR
Additional cooling of the tanker 20 EUR
Drying 25 EUR
1L solvent washing service 5 EUR

The price includes washing hoses, accessories, couplings, reductions, etc.

For regular customers the opportunity to negotiate prices!

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