Inside cleaning of truck tanks:
• tank of containers,
•refrigeration tracks,
• outside cleaning of trucks,
•containers 1000l
Specialist desinfection after foodstuffs and chemical products.


• drivers must register at the office of a tanker wash employee before entering the car wash,
• show the CMR transport document to the car wash employee,
• drivers are obliged to follow the instructions of the car wash employee
• it is forbidden to smoke in the office, as well as inside the tank car wash rooms,
• smoking is allowed in places marked as a smoking zone,
• drivers should respect the speed limit of 10 km / h when entering the facility,
• drivers must secure the vehicle against traffic after entering the car wash,
• drivers are required to stay in the office during the entire washing process,
• drivers must be careful when walking to avoid slipping,
• drivers must follow the direction of traffic and park according to road signs,
• drivers must turn off any cooling devices,
• drivers are required to close the cabin after leaving the vehicle.

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