Our policy

Our policy

  • The company offers truck-cleaning services since its formation.
  • Our goal is to offer complex services to our clients.
  • Individual approach and quality of service are our work fundamentals.
  • We realize that only quality work, fast response to clients’ demands and requirements, and long lasting service can fulfill those fundamentals.
  • Long-term and reliable partner capable of fast responses that is how we want to be perceived by our clients.
  • All of our employees have the space for self-improvement and growth in their field of work.
  • We commit to continual improvements in the systems of quality management, environment and safety at work and to follow its requirements.
  • CEOs are aware that they are inseparable part of the company and their actions influence their environment and employees.
  • We think that even a small action can have big impact on the environment.
  • We commit to continual improvements of environment and to prevention of pollution.
  • We commit to obey legal and other regulations and requirements in the field of environmental awareness.
  • Our employees hereby commit to consume no alcoholic beverages at work, to not smoke at workplace except the area reserved for smoking, to not consume or take any intoxicating, hallucinogenic, or psychoactive substances.
  • Our company also commits to regularly test its employees for presence of alcohol or other above-mentioned substances in their bodies.

J&P TANK WASH s.r.o.

Závodná 3,

821 06 Bratislava




N 48.1376415 E 17.1894196


tel./fax: +421 245 521 714

mobil:    +421 911 254 833

mobil:    +421 911 151 300


email: bratislava@tankwash.eu

Tank Wash s.r.o.

9. května 2067

413 01 Roudnice nad Labem




N 50.4208466 E 14.2268729


mobil: +420 602 354 091

mobil: +420 602 370 501



email: roudnice@tankwash.eu

Tank Wash sp. z o.o.

Wola Cicha 150,

36-060 Głogów Małopolski

near Rzeszów



N 50.1207231 E 21.9704808


mobil: +48 736 609 499

mobil: +48 606 400 422



email: rzeszow@tankwash.eu

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